Calls for action over coal tip safety,after increase in high risk classification

After more sites have been classified as being at 'higher risk' than previously thought, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change – Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has used a question to the Counsel General to urge the Welsh Government to accept their responsibilities over the issue of coal-tip safety.

Speaking after her question in the Siambr, Janet said:

“Last week, more disused coal-tips in Wales were classified as being at 'higher risk', up from 295 to 327. With potential heavy rainfall set for Wales this winter, residents and businesses need assurances that measures are being taken promptly to safeguard them. “Our communities deserve a Welsh Government which is honest about its responsibilities and proactive in its protection of those at high risk. Yet, whilst inspections on higher-risk tips have now commenced, the Welsh Government continues to argue over where the funding needed is going to come from. “It is the provisional view of the Law Commission, in their consultation paper, that coal tip safety falls within devolved competence. It is time that the Welsh Government accept and agree with this view."

The Welsh government now says 327 of 2,456 sites will require more frequent inspections, following a safety survey. The news follows work carried out by the Welsh Government, Local Authorities, the UK Government's Coal Authority and Natural Resources Wales.


Photo: Janet Finch-Saunders MS

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