Clarity required over funding and remit of independent Welsh energy grid organisation

In response to a Welsh Government statement that confirmed a commitment to fund an independent organisation to facilitate proposed work to the energy grid in Wales, the Shadow Minister for Climate Change - Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has called for urgent clarity around the funding and remit of the body.

The intervention has come in the form of three Written Questions, with Mrs Finch-Saunders asking:

  • Will the Minister state how much funding has been allocated to pay for an independent organisation to create a joint approach for developing gas and electricity networks in Wales?

  • Will the Minister state why the energy grid crisis in Wales was not address as part of Future Wales The National Plan 2040?

  • Will the Minister state what target has been set for the independent organisation to deliver a draft of the joint approach for developing gas and electricity networks in Wales?

Underlining the need for clarity, Janet said:

“With the administration’s most recent Energy Generation in Wales report revealing that moves to implement renewable energy have stalled, negatively impacting any planned green Coronavirus recovery, I have consistently called on the Minister to address the issue of the Welsh energy crisis. Yet it has taken many months for action to be forthcoming. “Renewable energy stakeholders have made clear to me that, to ensure power networks in Wales are fit for purpose to meet the net-zero challenge, a new and collaborative effort with the UK Government and the regulator Ofgem is essential. It is vital that this remains the backbone of the approach. “Urgent clarity must be provided as to how much taxpayers' money will be used to fund the new independent Welsh energy grid organisation. A timeline must also be set on the delivery for documents to the Senedd defining its remit and scrutiny for its aims. “The Welsh Government’s attempts to combat our climate emergency have been left on standby, given that this plan was not a formal part of Future Wales The National Plan 2040. If we are to support the range of new and innovative renewable projects across Wales and our waters than collaborative work with the UK Government must be supercharged.”


Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

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