Labour guilty of ‘inaction’ as Clean Air Act delayed again

Welsh Conservatives have accused Labour ministers of ‘inaction’ after it was confirmed a Clean Air Act will not be introduced in the coming parliamentary year.

Yesterday, the Welsh Labour Government announced its legislative programme, but ministers confirmed a clean air legislation will not make its way onto the statute book in the next 12 months. In the 2018 Welsh Labour leadership campaign, the now First Minister, Mark Drakeford, promised to deliver a Clean Air Act but since taking office his government has failed to make good on that commitment.

Commenting on Labour’s ‘inaction’, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch-Saunders MS said:

“Labour’s failure to bring forward a Clean Air Act in the government’s legislative programme is deeply disappointing and is another broken promise to people and communities across Wales. “Air pollution contributes to over 2,000 premature deaths in Wales but regrettably we have a government in Cardiff Bay that can’t even muster enough energy to deliver on one of the First Minister’s very own leadership manifesto commitments. “Five towns and cities in Wales have reported illegal and dangerous levels of air pollution over recent years, and the Welsh Conservatives have long advocated for the swift implementation of a Clean Air Act to allow future generations to lead healthier lives. “Labour’s inaction will cost lives in Wales and it’s turning into a national scandal.”


Notes to Editors:

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