Madagascan famine declaration should ring“all alarm bells” over impact of Climate Change

In a significant world-first, the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) has declared that the Madagascan Famine crisis is "because of climate change.” Responding to the declaration, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change – Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has made clear that this announcement should ring “all alarm bells” over the need for immediate action at COP26 and an emphasis placed on food security.

Commenting, Janet said:

“This bold declaration from the World Food Programme underlines the catastrophic impact that global Climate Change will continue to have on the health and well-being of peoples around the world if ambitious political action is not taken in the here and now. “That this is the first famine to be attributed directly to Climate Change should ring all alarm bells signifying a need for action to be taken at COP26, with an emphasis placed on ensuring long-term food security. Bold strokes must be taken to ensure that we support sustainable, active farming around the world in an effort to reduce food miles and embrace seasonality. “With warnings th