‘Nonsensical’ phosphate rules causing nothing but problems, Welsh Conservatives say

Urgent action is needed to improve phosphate levels and the health of rivers across Wales, but not at the expense of housing, our economy and development. Natural Resources Wales set new targets for phosphate pollution in rivers in January 2021. Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Mid Wales, James Evans MS, said: “Since phosphate regulations were introduced in January this year there has been nothing but problems, and they are causing severe damage to people all across Mid Wales. “People aren’t able to extend their homes, developers aren’t able to build new houses and there is a huge backlog of planning applications all across Mid Wales because of the bonkers rules. It’s simply unacceptable. “Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay need to work with organisations like Natural Resources Wales to come up with a solution which will keep our rivers and watercourses healthy in Mid Wales, while also allowing house building and other developments to continue.” Also commenting on this, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Housing, Janet Finch Saunders MS, said: “It’s clear the housing crisis in Wales is only being exacerbated by these nonsensical rules. “This policy only damages the hopes and aspirations of so many people looking to get on the housing ladder and hampers the economy just as it starts to recover from Covid. It also flies in the face of the Welsh Government’s own low targets they set on house building. “We all want a cleaner environment in Wales, however these current rules mean that the planning authorities in Wales lack clear guidance on how to apply these regulations, leaving applications at a standstill in the planning process.” ENDS

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