Shadow Minister calls for climate action at Climate Cymru Senedd event

In a speech to climate campaigners today, the Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, will say that “Wales must act today to drive down emissions and meet our targets.” She will use her address to urge the Welsh Government to be more ambitious in their implementation of a Clean Air Act, to supercharge their support of renewables and establish statutory biodiversity targets.

On the steps of the Senedd today, the Climate Cymru campaign will present the collective voice of Wales to the Welsh Government in the form of a giant Ice Heart. The event will be a gathering of key Climate Cymru ambassadors and partners, representing the voices of thousands of people from all over Wales calling for climate action by leaders as we approach COP26. Over 10,000 voices have been collected through their digital pledge so far.

Commenting ahead of her address, Janet said:

“I am resolute that the climate and nature emergencies are among the greatest challenges of our time. The gathering of campaigners on the steps of the Senedd today, supported by the cross-party attendance of Members, underlines that Wales must act today to drive down our emissions and meet our targets.

“The ice heart sculpture at today’s event is an impermanent reminder that the clock is ticking. If we are to heed the warnings of scientists and the next generation, we must review proposals for a Welsh Clean Air Act to make them more ambitious. Moves must also be taken to supercharge investment in the wide spectrum of renewable energy.

“We also cannot address the nature emergency as a subsidiary of the climate emergency. I continue to call for the statutory establishment of biodiversity targets. As stakeholders have made clear, it would be a very real mistake for the Welsh Government to wait until after COP15 to progress this work.

“Wales has an important role to play in confronting these issues. Ahead of COP26, when the eyes of the world will be on the United Kingdom as we continue to display bold climate leadership, I am pleased that the Climate Cymru campaign aims to amplify the Welsh voice further.”

ENDS Photo: Janet Finch-Saunders MS/AS

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