Shadow Minister for Climate Change: ‘Become Walrus Detectives’

Updated: Oct 21

In the year that Wally the walrus has found his way into the hearts of residents across the UK, and so many of us have been tracking his tour across Europe, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, Shadow Minister for Climate Change, is backing calls by WWF and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) for the public to ‘become walrus detectives’ and help contribute to conservation science by spending as little as thirty minutes searching for walrus in thousands of satellite images taken from space.

The project aims to carry out a census of Atlantic and Laptev walrus populations over five years, which will help scientists to spot changes over time, especially those caused by the climate crisis.

Commenting on the campaign, Janet said:

“Cymru is a climate and nature friendly nation, and our people and Parliament are taking action to achieve net-zero by 2050 and protect 30 percent of our land and seas by 2030. “Whilst we might not be able to follow in William Shatner’s footsteps and actually undertake a real-life spaceflight, Walrus From Space provides a fantastic opportunity to view the world from thousands of satellite images for conservation science. “Walrus rely on sea ice, but the warming world is melting the ice from beneath them. In fact, the Arctic is warming almost three times faster than the global average, so I encourage as many people as possible to volunteer as little as thirty minutes to help find out how quickly and how seriously the climate crisis is affecting the walrus population which has become so prominent this year."



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