Wales' climate change plans 'not sufficient', warns Climate Change Committee

Lives and livelihoods are at risk if Wales does not do more to prepare for a hotter, wetter future, UK government advisers have said.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) said current plans to protect people, infrastructure and wildlife "will not be sufficient". Of the 61 risks identified by the CCC in its latest assessment of the impact of climate change in the UK, "more action" is needed in Wales to address 32 of them.

Twenty-six of the risks have increased in urgency since the last report in 2016, and include threats to the viability of coastal communities from sea level rise, flooding and erosion, people's health from overheating in their homes, roads and railways from extreme weather and lightning, and wildlife across land and sea.

Commenting on the ‘alarming’ report, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch-Saunders MS said:

“This is an alarming report that once again highlights Labour’s failure to back up their rhetoric with action. “Two years ago, in the wave of publicity driven by the antics of Extinction Rebellion, Labour declared a ‘climate change emergency’, but have done very little since to tackle the crisis. “Twenty-six of the risks have increased in urgency since the last report by the CCC, and if the current Welsh Government fails to act to slow climate change, it is our children, grandchildren and future generations who will be forced to pay the price. “Wales cannot ignore this serious threat and Labour Ministers must do more if they are to get even close to meeting their targets in key areas such as woodland expansion and greenhouse gas reduction.”


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